1. Individual membership in the International Korean Martial Arts Federation (IKMAF) is open to anyone regardless of style.
  2. Members may participate in the five (5) programs represented under the umbrella of the IKMAF:
    1. Choson Kwon Bup
    2. Hapkido (Yu Shin Kwan)
    3. Jeong Tong (Traditional) Taekwondo
    4. Oriental Medicine
    5. Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics
  3. Members may participate in under gup ( under black belt) and dan (black belt) certification and teaching certification programs.
  4. Members may participate in intensive workshops, seminars, and camps
  5. Members will receive an official IKMAF patch and membership certficate
  6. Members will receive a quarterly (electronic) newsletter when published
  7. Taekwondo members may also participate in the U.S. Taekwondo Won (USTW) and World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) membership and certification programs as well
  8. ChoSon Kwon Bup and Hapkido Yu Shin Kwan black belt members may also participate in the World Kido Federation (WKF), Han Min Jok Hapkido Hyup Hwe (All Korean Hapkido Association) membership and certification programs
  9. Members may use the official IKMAF logo and name with prior written consent
  10. Members are afforded training privileges at any IKMAF affiliated schools
The individual membership application form can be found here: IKMAF Individual Application

  1. School Charter membership in the IKMAF affords the school official recognition in one of the oldest and most prestigious martial arts schools and organization of Korean martial arts since 1918. IKMAF is recognized as a legitimate umbrella martial art organization representing the disciplines of ChoSon Kwon Bup,Hapkido (Yu Shin Kwan), and Jeong Tong Taekwondo. The IKMAF has relationships with the U.S. Taekwondo Won and WTF and KKH and WKF, and Han Min Jok Hapkido Hyup Hwe.
  2. Official IKMAF School Charter Certificate and Banner
  3. Gup and Dan certification support and programs
  4. Technical support
  5. Participation in workshops, seminars, and camps
The school charter membership application form can be found here: IKMAF School Charter Applicaiton

Types of Certifications Awarded by the ICF:

  1. Gup Certification
  2. Dan Certification
  3. Teaching Certification
  4. School Charter Certification
  5. Letter of Appointment
  6. Certificate of Completion
  7. Certificate of Proficiency in Oriental Medicine
  8. Certificate of Proficiency in Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics

The gup certification application form can be found here: IKMAF Gup Application

The dan certification application form can be found here: IKMAF Dan Application

Video Training Program

The IKMAF Video Training Program is unique and unlike most video programs. Our tapes are not professionally produced. Professionally produced tapes tend to have very little instructional value. Our video programs are actually classes taught by Headmaster Cyrus and other senior IKMAF teachers and masters. Our videos will give you the feeling of actually being in a classroom situation and instructional value is high. The cost of these videos will be nominal and will cover the cost of reproduction and mailing.