The IKMAF was created to serve as a repository for the preservation of Traditional Korean Martial Arts but more specifically, Choson Kwon Bup (Morning Calm Fist Method), Jeong Tong (Traditional) Taekwondo, and Hapkido (Yu Shin Kwan [Willow Spirit School]).

For the past fifteen years, the Korean Martial Arts has received a bad rap in the work martial arts community with respect to inflated ranks, unscrupulous teachers and the creation of martial arts that lack depth and substance. The IKMAF is dedicated to changing these perceptions and invite you to share in this challenge. A larger goal of the IKMAF is to promote Korean Martial Arts in the spirit of brotherhood and personal growth.

The IKMAF is committed to promoting the study and application of Oriental Medicine (OM). Originally, martial arts and OM were a part of the same body of knowledge. Both are concerned with promoting health, well being, and eventual self-actualization. When the question of martial arts and self-defense arise, the obvious resulting question is, “whose self are you defending?” It is more important to defend yourself against diseases, fear and prejudice than against your fellow man. OM is taught as an integral part of our three martial arts programs and as a separate training program for those who wish to pursue it more intensely. Additionally, our Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics & Special Weapons (LEDT&SW) is a specialized program designed to serve the special needs of the law enforcement community.

Membership in the IKMAF is available to anyone regardless of style who is interested in experiencing Korean Martial Arts with breath and depth. Membership privileges include but not limited to organization affiliation, school membership, individual membership, gup, dan, and instructor certification, specialized certification programs in OM and LEDT&SW, workshops and seminars, IKMAF membership certificate, patch and a quarterly newsletter when published. Achievement in the IKMAF is based on “merit”. You must participate to achieve.

The IKMAF is affiliated with and maintains relationships of cooperation with the following organizations and their leaders:

  • World Kido Federation/ Han Min Jok Hapkido Hyup Hwe led by GrandmasterSeo In Sun, President and Founder
  • World Sin Moo Hapkido Association led by Ji Han Jae, Doju
  • International Purple Dragon Jiu Jitsu Karate Association led by Don A. Jacob, Soke, Don Jitsu Ryu
  • World Taekwondo Federation
  • U.S. Taekwondo Won
  • World Head of Family Sokeship Council, led by Frank Sanchez, Soke, San Jitsu Ryu

We invite you to join us on the martial path