New Book – The Kwon Bup Primer

The Kwon Bup Primer – An Introduction to Modern Kwon Bup – Ancient Martial Art, Modern Application

Written by: Ian A. Cyrus, Head master, ICF, 9th Dan

Published by: Ian A. Cyrus, ICF Productions

About the book:

The Kwon Bup Primer is a self-published book (primer) on modern Kwon Bup. Publication quality is moderate but the content is well worth its cost. This is short book made up of seventeen (17) short chapters and is just over one hundred (100) pages long. It is a provocative look at the history of martial arts and specifically Kwon Bup (aka Chuan Fa, Kempo, Kuntao). The underlying philosophy as it relates to its history is discussed. The technical evolution of Kwon Bup as it relates to its history and philosophy is explored in-depth. Photographs and illustrations are used to elucidate the principles, concepts, and rationale of Kwon Bup which is what makes it unique. The material covered in this book can be applied to any martial art discipline as it is universal.

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