Yu Shin Jong Hap Kwon Bup – Research Group

Combined/Integrated/Total Martial Arts

  • Choson Kwon Bup ( Morning Calm Fist Method)
  • Yu Shin Hapkido (Willow Tree Spirit Way of Combining/Joining Energy)
  • Yu Shin Gum Sool (Willow Spirit Sword Method)
  • Jeong Tong Taekwondo (Traditional Foot Fist Way)
  • Chen Tai Ji Chuan (Chen Grand Ultimate Fist)
  • Yin Fu Ba Gua Zhang (Yin Fu Eight (8) Diagram Palm Boxing)
  • Oriental Medicine
  • Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics
  • Military Tactics

Jong Hap: Combine, join, coordinate, well round, complete, integrated,
consolidated, comprehensive, total

Mu: Literally means, “to prevail or stop aggression”. Martial,
military, arms, chivalry

Sool: Technique, skill, science, method, technology

During Korea’s Three (3) Kingdom Era, warriors were required to master the numerous aspects of military science. They had to be skilled at horsemanship, bow and arrow, spear, sword, dagger, percussion, grappling, field first aid (medicine), military strategy and tactics. They also studied and mastered the classical sciences, literature, religion, etiquette, dance and government. Their goal was produce the ultimate warrior through an integrated curriculum that embraced the S.A.I.D (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) principle. That is, only practice what is relevant to the task at hand. Further, their training curriculum was open-sourced and reality based. All of these aspects were seamlessly combined and integrated into a coordinated system that served them during times of peace and war.

The eight (8) pursuits (arts, styles, or disciplines) currently under the umbrella of the International Korean Martial Arts Federation (IKMAF) can be pursued as single pursuit or as an integrated system (Jong Hap Mu Sool). Jong Hap Mu Sool is not to be confused and or compared with “mixed martial arts” which is a sport or a pastiche of disjointed skills. It is however, a systematic and comprehensive integration of the three (3) main elements of combat. They are, percussion, grappling, and weaponary. Each style or discipline is experienced in it’s entirety with concepts and principles at the core of the Jung Hap Mu Sool Curricumum. The goal is to strive for completeness as a martial artist. The traditional Jong Hap Mu Sool curriculum produces a much higher class of individual and a higher caliber warrior. This is why Jong Hap Mu Sool was chosen to represent our entire martial arts curriculum.