About the Founder


The IKMAF was founded and is headed by Ian A. Cyrus. The following are some of his accomplishments:

  • Former U.S. Marine
  • Former FBI Special Agent
  • PhD, Biomechanics
  • OMD, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • President Emeritus, American Association of Oriental Medicine
  • Founder, Chinese Herbal Medicine Coalition
  • Published author
  • 9th Dan, Choson Kwon Bup (7th Successor and lineage holder)
  • 8th Dan, Hapkido (Founder, HapkidoYu Shin Kwan, 1989)
  • 7th Dan, Taekwondo (Founder, Taekwondo Jeong Tong Kwan, 1989)
  • Certified FBI Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics (DT) Instructor

Grandmaster Cyrus, a native of Trinidad & Tobago has been involved in the martial arts for over 38 years. He has promoted well over 300 practitioners to various dan levels many of whom are masters themselves. His experiences as a U.S. Marine, FBI Special Agent, and educational pursuits has led to him to develop a view of the martial arts that is practical, yet based on sound currently available scientific concepts and principles while maintain tradition.