Choson Kwon Bup

Morning Calm Fist Method

Choson Kwon Bup (CKB) was founded as a Civil Defence Tradition (CDT) circa 1850 in Pyongyang, present day North Korea by a merchant, Buddhist scholar and martial arts enthusiast, Kim, Chong Ji. As a merchant, Kim travel to China, Japan, and Okinawa and studied the martial arts of these cultures. Kim Founded Choson Kwon Bup as a family CDT. CKB is a hybrid essential composed of Taek Kyun, wrestling, Northern & Southern White Crane, Ba Gua Zhang from the lineage of Cheng Ting Hua (a personal student of the Ba Gua’s founder Dong Hai Chuan), Xing Yi Chuan and possibly Ryukyu Kempo Jutsu.

CKB consist of three (3) main aspects. They are as follows:

  1. Sin (Spirit): Meditation, Gi Gong
  2. Shim (Body): The physical aspects of CKB which is extensive
  3. Shin (Mind): Philosophy, history, theory, concepts, principles, etiquette

CKB consist of three (3) methods:

  1. Um Bup (Passive Methods): Grappling methods, vital point striking and manipulation
  2. Yang Bup (Active Methods): Thrusting, striking, blocking, kicking, evasive, and dodging methods
  3. Ui Yak (Medicine): East Asian Medical theory, diagnosis, modalities, practice (to include resuscitation methods)

Um Bup, Yang Bup and Ui Yak are combined into a cohesive and comprehensive method of reaction and pro-action

Some Unique Characteristics of CKB

  1. There are no lock-out motions. The elbow remains suspended on impact.
  2. The body weapon of choice does not remain in contact with the selected target for no more than a split second. This method creates fluid shock.
  3. Evasion methods are an integral part of the delivery of all skills. Evasion, dodging and footwork are all meant to assume a position of tactical advantage, for example, the opponent’s blind spot.